AVIOT's Deep Bass Model
with Hybrid Dual Driver


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"ULTRA DEEP BASS" represents AVIOT's new idea for immersive deep bass that sinks in. While maintaining the power and expressive richness of the low frequencies, the mid and high frequencies are reproduced with clarity and naturalness, designed to provide a profound sense of immersion.

Balancing Power and Delicacy
with a Hybrid Dual Driver Configuration

To achieve immersive deep bass while pursuing delicate expression in the mid and high frequencies, AVIOT's "ULTRA DEEP BASS" incorporates a Hybrid Dual Driver configuration by combining two drivers with different characteristics. The dedicated 10mm dynamic driver, designed to express rich and powerful deep bass, and the Knowles balanced armature driver, designed to reproduce delicate and powerful mid and high frequencies, combine to create high-resolution and impactful sound. With the TE-BD11tR, we revisited the tuning of the previous model "TE-BD11t" from scratch, successfully maintaining the thickness of the deep bass while further enhancing the extension, resolution, and vibrancy of the mid and high frequencies. The result is a meticulous acoustic design and tuning that delivers the beat of music

Enhanced by Hybrid Active Noise Cancellation
Highlighting Rich Deep Bass

In addition to the hybrid active noisecancelling function that combines"feed forward" microphones to detect external noise and "feedback"microphones to detect noise within the ears, utilizing a total of fourmicrophones, AVIOT employs the unique ergonomic design and passivenoise isolation technology to physically block and reduce noise.
To achieve the "ULTRA DEEP BASS" experience, this model refines thenoise cancellation capabilities in the previous "TE-BD11t" model.
Thealgorithm applied here accentuates the rich, profound bass of the HybridDual Drivers.
It efficiently eliminates noise interference primarily within therhythmic spectrum of the music, while simultaneously addressing the wideranging low and mid frequencies often masked by ambient noise.
The outcome is an unprecedented level of immersion, setting the stage for anunparalleled auditory journey.

最大60時間 再生のスタミナで、どこまでも続く音楽体験を

AVIOT's unique power-saving technology achieves a world-class continuous playback time of up to 18 hours* for the ear buds alone.
When used with the charging case, up to 60 hours* of playback time is possible.
Additionally, rapid charging of up to 120 minutes of playback with just about 10 minutes of charging is supported. *Playback time may vary depending on the operating environment.


Supports quick charging for up to 120 minutes of continuous playback on a 10-minute charge.


Individual Earbud ON/OFF Function
To Prevent Unnecessary Battery Drain

The earbuds can be individually turned ON/OFF without using the charging case.
By turning off the power when not in use, you can prevent unnecessary battery consumption and enjoy music for an extended time.
You also won't need to carry around the case.


Comfortable Fit for Extended Use

The meticulously crafted contours provide not only a secure fit during vigorous activities but also ensure comfort during extended periods of wear.
Furthermore, the heightened seal contributes to an immersive experience, allowing you to fully enjoy the standout feature of TE-BD11tR


Waterproof Against Rain and Sweat

It is IPX4 equivalent* waterproof against sudden rain, splashes, sweat, and other water damage. *Main body of earbuds only


Wireless Charging Function
for Cable-free Charging

Wireless charging is supported, so simply place it on your charging pad* to complete charging. You can power the device without the hassle of plugging in a cable. *We do not manufacture or sell wireless chargers.

High-quality Calls and Multi-point Connection
for Business Scenario

The highly sensitive call microphone provides up to 9 hours of talk time. Even during long online meetings, clear voice is delivered to the called party without worrying about running out of battery power.
In addition, it is equipped with a multipoint function that allows connection to two devices at the same time, such as a smartphone and a PC, or two smartphones. One device can be used for music playback and the other for phone standby, so you will never miss an incoming call from another device while music is playing.


Enjoy Music with Just One Earbud Single Ear Mode

The earbuds feature a Single Ear Mode that allows you to use just one earphone at a time.
When you power off the unused earphone or store it in the case, the audio switches seamlessly from stereo to mono playback.
This ensures a seamless experience when enjoying music with just one ear, without any discomfort

Hear Your Surroundings with a Single Touch Ambient Sound Mode

【Sound Collection Mode】
In addition to the traditional ambient sound mode that lets you hear your surroundings with a single touch, we've introduced the new "Sound Collection Mode," which captures and amplifies voices from a greater distance. This feature enhances your ability to clearly hear conversations even from afar. *AVIOT SOUND ME" application is required to use "Sound Collect Mode".


Corresponding Function

Active Noise

Max Playback Time with Earbuds Alone: 18 Hrs
Max Playback Time with Charging Case: 60 HrsPlayback time may vary depending on the operating environment.

Up to 9Hrs of Talk Time

Ambient Sound Mode

Wireless Charging Support

Gaming ModeLow latency support

Highly Sensitive Touch Sensor

Application Support

High-definition MEMS microphone

Equivalent to IPX4

Find the Earphone Function

Wind Noise Suppression

Single Earbud ON/OFF


Basic Specifications

Hybrid type with φ10mm dynamic Type and balanced armature drivers
Built-in microphone for calls
Highly sensitive MEMS microphone
Battery capacity
Earphone in one ear 85mAh
Charging case 600mAh
Max call time
Up to 9 hours
Max continuous playback time
Earphone alone 18 hours
with Charging case 60 hoursMay vary depending on the operating environment.
Charging time of the main body of the earphone
Approx. 1.5 hoursSupports quick charging for up to 120 minutes of playback on a 10-minute charge.
Charging port
USB Type-C
Waterproof performance
Equivalent to IPX4
Wireless charging support

Bluetooth Specifications

Bluetooth version
8 devices
Supported codecs
Supported profiles

Included thing

Silicon earpiece:S / M / L、Type-C Charging cable
User Manual, Product Warranty Registration Card
When using earpieces from other manufacturers, please make sure in advance that they will fit into the charging case and that the nozzle diameter is not too large.
Please note that we do not guarantee the performance or operation when using earpieces made by other companies.
Size M earpieces are pre-installed.

AVIOT sound me 10-band EQ customization and ANC / Ambient mode level adjustment are also at your disposal. Dedicated application "AVIOT SOUND ME"

AVIOT earphones can be customized to your personal preference with a 10-band equalizer customizable to your music preferences, an earphone detection function, and on/off and level adjustment for noise cancellation and external sound intake modes.

Earphone detection function

AVIOT SOUND ME automatically records the location where the earphones were last used. If you accidentally misplace or drop them, you can search for them from your smartphone.

To download the app, go to the official store.

  • Google Playで手に入れよう
  • App Storeからダウンロード

Full after-sales support

"I'm worried about losing it because it's small and has no wires..." "My charging case is broken!"
We handle various types of warranty support so that even those with such concerns can use our products with peace of mind.
If you purchased the product from an authorized retailer such as a mass retailer or an official store, we will replace the product with a new one or provide you with a replacement product only within the warranty period by registering your product information.

*We may not be able to provide support for parallel imports, resale products, counterfeit products, or products purchased from other than authorized dealers or official stores.